How To Choose The Right Printing Service For Your Custom Designed Product Labels?

Product label is an essential part of product packaging, so it’s important to know how to make your product labels more expressive but precise, most attractive but sophisticated and particularly easy to read. Here is a list of things to consider before getting label printing done, because they are perfect for product packaging and branding merchandise through different available shapes, sizes and styles along with color options. Top it all, you can choose the stock for labels printing according to the nature of use, like you can get them printed on sheets and label rolls.

Customized labels are in high demand ever since the retail industry has grown to unprecedented numbers. Peoples’ consumption of products has reached record numbers in the last decade, thanks to the invention of eCommerce. Among other things, product-based businesses are making sure that their products look perfect and make a favorable impression in customers’ mind. That’s where custom product labels come most in handy. What makes customized labels so great is that they advertise and inform without being too obvious about it.

If we say, what is so important about product labels, and what should be the considering points to make before going to get printed product labels, don’t forget that product labels and packaging labels work as brand ambassador for your product, whatever the scale you are doing business. But the best part of labels printing is, they work best promotional product for home based and small businesses.

Label 2.png
As the demand for the custom printed label increases so does the number of vendors offering it to the commercial and private users for different price packages.

As a manufacturer, it might be hard to choose between the vendors available but here are a few tips on how you can make the right decision:

  1. Do not be impressed by quick turnaround time and free shipping kind of features. Focus on quality not quantity. Many label printing services providers and manufacturers can send out the prints fast but sometimes there are errors and the colors do not turn out right. Question your providers’ quality even for the smallest of orders because professionals never compromise on quality.

  2. Check your provider for the print management system consistency to ensure that you can trust your provider to produce labels for all your products. This will save you cost and effort of placing orders on different channels. Whether you are in the market for bottle labels, barcode/QCR labels, domed labels or quality food labels, ensure that the printing company has a strong management system in play.

  3. Ask your printing solution provider for the label finishing options they offer. Professional printing services like RegaloPrint offers more than one finishes options to make your product stand out on the shelves. There are gloss, semi-gloss, embossed foiled and UV coating printing choices available for your customized labels.

  4. Price is obviously an important, key factor in choosing your label printing company. Of course, if the company delivers on all three above mentioned points but doesn’t fit in your budget then there is no use for it, is there? So before you get a quote, estimate what you want to spend on these labels.

Label 1.png

Once you have planned and analyzed on all of these elements of label printing, there is no reason for you to be duped in the market by some faux immature printing company. Whenever you are out to get printing services for your custom product labels, consider all above mentioned ideas and tips and make a wise decision, after all, these messages and precautionary lines printed in colors on product labels are important for your customers.


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