Cardboard Packaging Boxes That Could be MORE Than a Product Enfolding Container…


Packaging of any product represents brands with an opportunity to access their customers in a most direct, unhindered manner. But most brands never even realize it. They don’t really understand the importance any customer places on unboxing a product.

As a customer I can tell you one thing. The best part of a purchase is unwrapping a product and people take time savoring it, especially if it’s a thing they love. Don’t matter how small or big a product it, its unwrapping shouldn’t be a boring thing but an exciting time that only gets better when the product is finally unveiled.

Complete Branded Cardboard Packaging Experience; Show Your Customer Just How Special They Are to Your Company

When it comes to cardboard packaging boxes, many brands usually skim over the opportunity they represent. Their main concern is to keep the product secure until it reaches the end customer. But that’s not how modern brandishing works. You need to give your customers a complete brand experience through customized built and printed cardboard boxes.

How it’s done? It’s simple. First, you need to choose materials and printing layouts for your cardboard boxes that represent your product. This way your customers will share an experience that will make them more at home with the brand. It’s a popular enough trick, many shoe designers use it on their cardboard packaging. It’s not a simple box with your shoes inside it, it’s a tour of the brand itself and all that it represents.

Why Packaging Experience Matter More for E-commerce Vendors?

Custom printed cardboard boxes provides vendors of e-commerce an exciting opportunity to make their customers feel special. They have the least opportunity to impress customers in physical world as they never get to meet them or showcase their product in flattering stores.

Your online packaging vendor can keep the style of these boxes simple or more ornate, depending on your product, but they should all have a personal touch. A custom note, a small gift, a sample for a complimentary product, a sticker logo; all these little tokens added to your cardboard box can affect your customers’ feelings about your brand. They are more likely to come back to your brand just for a repeat of the same experience.

Don’t believe me? Well I have statistics to prove this theory.

According to a recent survey conducted by Dotcom Distribution, 52% of the consumers are likely to return to an online vendor if the vendor delivers premium product packaging.

Also, if there is one thing we all know about a business is that a bringing back an existing customer is way cheaper than to find new customers.

If you are looking for such cardboard packaging service provider, RegaloPrint can cater to your needs. They have been known in the market for their fine quality cardboard packaging boxes that come in all shapes and sizes. All-natural brown, brown or digitally printed cardboard boxes; they can manufacture them with a personalized feel that provides a shared experience between customers and clients on exclusive bases.


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