How to Keep Bottle Packaging Boxes Free of Any Breakage During Shipment?

Safely ship beverage, wine and champagne bottles with bottle packaging boxes, the packaging kit for beverage bottles lend a big hand to safely ship bottles from one place to another without the risk of damaging. You can say, the shipping boxes must be durable enough to carry the bottles and RegaloPrint helps you get custom bottle packaging solutions at your home with free shipment.


Shipping beverages has always posed a challenge to manufacturers. How you ask? Well we can tell you.
Even though the most packaging box suppliers offer to transport your glass and plastic bottles across sea. Only few of them gave it careful consideration it requires to avoid leakages. These cardboard packaging boxes are meant for bulk pallet handling, where these boxes are packed together tightly. This method works well during shipping. But when these beverage boxes reach in city transportation, the collisions and the breakage of these bottles inside your packaging boxes is quite inevitable. Single carton transport and doorstep delivery can get challenging with these boxes. But in this article we will be telling you some tricks you can use to avoid these conditions.

Extra Padding & Separate Compartments
Don’t use single walled corrugated cardboard boxes for your packaging. Instead opted for double or triple walled for the extra support. These thicker cardboard containers are better equipped to withstand tension. You can also get your bottle packaging boxes have separate compartments inside each box to keep the bottles from hitting against each other.

Box within a Box
The most widely accepted choice to secure against breakage is to put the bottle packaging boxes in a greater container box, and fill the space with extra packing materials, which acts as a padding material to eliminate breakage threat on rocky paths and avoid any jangles amidst travel. There are numerous sorts of over pressing materials being used today, including yet aren’t limited to: free fill peanuts, air cushions, and liquid foam.

Bubble Wraps or Loose Fill Peanuts inside Packaging Boxes
We all have used and loved bubble wraps for quite a long time. They are economical and easy to come by. In your bottle packaging cardboard boxes you can line in bubble wrap to avoid causing any damages to the glass bottles.

Another way you can avoid this disaster is to use loose fill peanuts which are made from starch or Styrofoam. They are economical as well and don’t need any special equipment. You just fill in the spaces between bottles with the peanuts and they will keep your products safe. They offer multiple uses but they aren’t always effective.

Conclusion: Air pillows and liquid expandable foam are more sure option to ensure that your bottles are safe during transit but they aren’t easy to come by. Also they are more expensive options which makes them best for luxury bottle packaging. Not associated with any of these over-packaging materials supplication, we have laid all the facts for you. Now it’s your turn to decide, which option works best for you.


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