Want To Make Your Kids Happy? Get These Tuck Boxes Printed Here!

Gift packaging boxes for kids, what are you thinking to get? Flap top tuck packaging boxes are fun and we can help you to bring a big smile on your child’s face. Get these custom packaging boxes for gifts and take your gift presentation to next level, surprise your kid. The classic and stylish packaging boxes, with top and bottom tuck flaps, keeps gifts, favors, and food beautifully under wraps.
Tuck boxes are an amazing gift for kids who enjoy playing board games or card games. This is because it helps keeps their cards, boards, souvenirs and all other items required for a board game safe and sound. It is important to save all the items in a board game, because if you lose one then it becomes difficult to play the game and are expensive to replace. It also teaches kids responsibility in saving and caring for their belongings. Customized tuck boxes are one of the hottest selling gifts for tween and teens because they will absolutely adore it.

For those who are not aware, these are basically box packaging but with designs and printed in a way that attracts the younger generation. The name ‘tuck’ comes from the fact that it has flaps on one or both ends that fold and tuck in to enclose its contents inside a rectangular box. These can be customized with the child’s name, favorite colors, colors of the game and so on. A professional printer, who has printed at least a 100 of such boxes in his career will better be able to guide you regarding its printing.

While there are many templates available online and there are some Do-It-Yourself videos and articles as well, the problem lies in the printing and the quality. It is best to have custom tuck boxes printed from a professional who can help you with the size, quality of paper, ink colors, designs and so much more. Making one yourself can save you money, but it will not be admired as a gift as much as one that you get printed and made from a professional printer.

These customized tuck boxes are available in a diverse range of shapes, sizes and colors. The printer’s websites normally have at least 15 different sizes available showing off different patterns on it so you can see how vibrant they will look. The catch with printing is that the more orders you place of box packaging, the cheaper it will cost you. So, it is best to buy in bulk in advance to save money and also to have some handy gifts in your home to give away to any nieces, nephews, children’s friends etc. when the need arises.

You will get the tuck boxes in a flat form which you will then have to form as explained in the manual or by the dotted line provided. This is done to save the boxes from getting squished or damaged during transit and any good company will ensure that you get your packaging in a good shape. For good customer service regarding this highly customized printing and packaging product, one should look critically at printing services online. Go for those that have a higher rating and best customer reviews. Don’t fall for cheap prices as this could mean a compromise on quality.


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