Good News! Start Printing Custom Stickers For Less Than $100

Its all-time had been a problem for small and home based business owners to get stickers printing for less budget but RegaloPrint once again had set the best solution for sticker printing services to such these businesses, because as our Respected Mr. President Said, “Buy American – Hire American” and we are truly in love with his statement to empower our local business and small scale industry. We at RegaloPrint just want to add our share to this program by offering all sticker printing products as low as $100. Yes, you can get your product stickers done on any printing stock i.e. vinyl, clear vinyl, static cling, magnet and sticker paper in just 100$ and that too at your door step with free shipping throughout the Great United States. Let’s be local and empower our own small businesses and contribute in “America First Agenda”.

Why are stickers trending so much around the world? Everywhere you go, you will notice that vinyl stickers are being used, given as giveaways and being used for simple everyday tasks like bookmarks and so on. The main reason is because they are so versatile in their usage and stickers are really fun and they can be used in multiple ways either for personal use or for a business. In fact, one of the coolest and cheapest ways to customize your business product is through custom sticker printing. It is inexpensive because you can print it in bulk and customize it to your heart’s content. Vinyl adhesives are magical as they can be cut up in a variety of shapes, sizes and all kinds of designs.

You could be interested in custom sticker printing as a business to make money or you could be printing it out for your own business to customize the products. Getting it done from an online printing company or doing it on your own at home, both have their pros and cons, however it is important to mention that they are both cheap methods. Let’s talk about printing vinyl adhesives at home first, the supplies you will need and the process.

What equipment and supplies will I need at home? #

• A die-cut or sticker cutting machine
• An inkjet printer
• High quality inks
• Professional designing software
• Printable Vinyl Sheets
• Laminate sheets
• A plastic scraper

How do I start Printing Customized Stickers? #

  1. The first and foremost step in any printing job is to make several designs before you choose the perfect one. For this you will be using a professional design software like Photoshop, Cricut Design Space or any software that you are comfortable with. Once you have your design on paper and you start working on the computer, ensure that the dimensions are right. Also, take care of the colors you will be working with, and that they should comply with the printer and it’s inks.
  2. Once the sticker design is ready, insert the vinyl sheets in it. When you buy the printable vinyl make sure it is of the same size as your printer at home. If you want you can also stick on the optional laminate sheet on top of the vinyl sticker sheet. This lamination will make the stickers last longer and be able to withstand water and sunny situations.
  3. Once you have printed the designs on the sticker sheet properly, you will now have to put it in the cutting machine before you print it out. Any cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo 3 or the like are perfect for home printing.
  4. After this, it’s simple as peeling the stickers off and putting them wherever you deem necessary!


In a Nutshell:
For designing and printing stickers at home, it is important to have a high end computer that can handle the software and also be able to print the stickers. If one does not already have a good computer, software and printers available then printing stickers at home can be expensive. However, another solution to custom sticker printing under $100 is to get the help of a professional printer who have the software, printers, inks and paper options available to suit any budget. The key is to find the right printing company that will suit your brand or organization’s demands. The more one orders in bulk, the cheaper it will cost!


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