Corrugated Boxes; Uses and Types of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging is yet another famous type of packaging boxes after cardboard, well let’s have a complete view over its end to end detail, how to get custom boxes on corrugated packaging stock, why and where to use these packaging boxes. How to get the maximum benefits from this packaging stock and how many of ways to get done these packaging stuff for promotional reasons. Don’t miss the area to create, use, recycle and reuse if you land on this writing.

What are Corrugated Boxes? #

Corrugated Boxes are made by using the corrugated paper stock in which the rows are added to put different things in one box. We see these boxes are used in our daily routine such as the pizza we eat is delivered in the corrugated box. The corrugated paper is stronger than the normal paper stock that is why it is used for delivering the food and other things. In these boxes, the ridges are made that make the box more flexible and provide strength. These boxes are made of two elements the one is called liner and other is called the medium.

The medium is made in the inside opposite to the liner but the liner is used for the bigger boxes to make the surface flat. Sometimes the liner can be added on the inside too. The medium is mostly arch-shaped and used for joining the sheets. The role of a medium is to give strength to the boxes. The sheets are connected after balancing properly by using the paper glue to make the corrugated box stronger to make them ready for the shipping. There are different types of cardboards and box materials available in the market because the quality of every paper is different from each other. If you want to use the boxes for shipping process, then try to use the boxes with best quality paper stock.

Why we use the Corrugated Boxes? #

There many uses of corrugated boxes and sometimes these boxes can be recycled for future use.

What are the types of Corrugated Boxes? #

There are many types of corrugated boxes and each type is used for different sized things.

1- Single-faced box
The single-faced box has only one-liner with one medium. This box is best for protecting the things during the delivery process because it is used for wrapping the things.

2- Single-wall boxes
These boxes have two sheets of liners with a single sheet of medium. This box is used mostly because the brand owners use these boxes for delivering their food or other things. All types of products can be delivered in these boxes easily.


3- Double-wall boxes
These boxes have three sheets of liners with two sheets of the medium. It is mostly used for shipping the heavy things because they have more capacity and strength to bear the heavyweight. These boxes can be found easily in the market.

4- Triple-wall boxes
These boxes are made by using four sheets of liners and three sheets of the medium. These boxes are thicker than the other boxes and used for delivering heavier goods such as electrical appliances and furniture etc.

In which areas of life the Corrugated Boxes are used? #

These boxes are used in all areas of life because the use of boxes is getting very popular now. The companies are using these boxes for promoting their brands. The food and beverages companies are using these boxes for delivering the food. The offices are using these boxes for the file storage. The books shops are using these boxes for putting the books and stationary things. The electrical appliances and clothes can be stored. All types of tools and heavy materials can also be stored and delivered. These boxes are best for delivering the heavier goods.


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