Answered! Your Most Burning Questions About Packaging Boxes

Packaging boxes are always high in demand by businesses e.g. software houses, education sectors, cosmetic industry. Fashion and clothing business, eatery, shipping and moving companies and even in households sector for different reasons, no doubt they are sturdy, stylish and even can be customized to send any gift. But if you are related to any of the above mentioned field or home based sector then how you can understand which type of packaging box can do best as per your needs, this article is all about it but precised.


Packaging boxes have always been in high demand ever since they were invented. They are sturdy, they are light and can pack goods securely! These are only the three basic advantages, because there are just so many more benefits of customized packaging boxes as they are now available in a variety of materials and for a wide range of uses. From packing fragile jewelry in velvet boxes to storing goods in hard tuck boxes, there is a large variety of boxes in between that can be used in different way for packaging. Here are a few frequently asked queries about packaging boxes.

Can I customize my packaging box? #

Packaging boxes are used in a wide range of industries and different types of boxes pack different kind of products. From being tiny to large, fragile to sturdy, simple to fancy designs -packaging boxes are found in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Depending on the goods being packed, cardboard boxes can be customized according to your requirements. Yes, you can customize these packing containers in whatever way that you wish -whether in terms of it’s shape or if you want to get something printed on it. A lot of companies need branded boxes for their products and the best way is to order in bulk as that will saves money as well.

How do I know what Type of Packaging I need? #

This is another burning question among those who are first timers at ordering boxes or have launched a new product and are unsure what type of packaging will suit it most. The most important thing to consider when deciding on the type of packaging is to understand the product. Is it delicate or sturdy? Is it tiny or large? Knowing the nature of the product will help in deciding the material, and then if the product will be going through transit, it is important to factor that in to avoid breakage of the product. It is essential that the goods remain intact, thus, one can use foam peanuts or Styrofoam to provide extra cushion. Another major factor that one cannot compromise on while selecting the type of packaging, is the quality of the box. The higher the quality of the brand, the better the packaging box material should be.

Do Packaging Boxes need Surface Treatment? #

Surface treatment of packaging containers means that the texture of the material is improved with the help of various chemicals and treatments. This is done for a variety of reasons, mainly so that the customized printing on packaging boxes stays longer and is weatherproof. This means that the ink will not fade with the sun or being in one place for too long. Also, at times brands waterproof the boxes as well so that they are further improved and of better quality. Applying UV or glossy cover to the boxes also makes the boxes shine and makes the printing on the box more vibrant and colorful.

These are just the basic burning questions, but newcomers or first time users may have a lot more queries on their mind. It is important to select the best customized printing and packaging company in USA and Canada, so that they can professionally answer all questions and give you the best possible rates.


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